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Making happy customers even happier. 

$1 per call.

$10 per live sales conversation.

10% commission.

Simple. Soltura.

Available exclusively to companies with high net promoter scores, remarkable reviews, and happy customers.

$1 calls and $10 convos

You provide us with a past customer list, and our team in Minneapolis will call them all for just $1 per call and $10 per live sales conversation.

Say it 1x...

be heard 1,000x 

All calls include voicemail and email follow-up. Not only can you tell us what to say, but you can say it once yourself and we will share your message from you in your voice for no added cost.

10% commission

You believe in what you do, which is what makes our work possible. Let's do great work together and share in the rewards.

Reach out today to start making your happy customers even happier

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3406 Queen Ave North
Minneapolis, MN 55412

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